About Us

Where should we start? We're Wout and Sarah, born in Belgium, etc etc... Probably you'll know us a bit when you get here.

We are two people, with a heart for the cycling. For Wout, it's started in his childhood and for Sarah… since she met Wout. We started Panache in 2017 because we sometimes missed some authenticity in the typical fans outfits. On the cyclocross races we suddenly saw Wout's name appearing in all colours and sizes. That could be better, we thought. And so the idea was born.

We started small by only making a very limited collection to order. This collection is and will always be our base. With 'The Classics' we strive for a simple design. We are very proud that the used WVA logo, which is our landmark today, was designed by Liese, Wout's sister.

 Soon we noticed that the demand was getting bigger and bigger. After a year we had to take a step back from ordering, processing and shipping everything ourselves. That's how the collaboration with Toon started. He has his own brand, The Vandal. Out of this collaboration we got the idea to create a second line, so now we have the Panache collection as well. The umbrella brand of both collections is Panache by WVA.

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What exactly does Panache mean?

Well, do something with sway, bravado. So it may be a little more. With our Panache collection we try to step further away from our classic logo. We bring more colourful designs that are not even always related to Wout, but of course to cycling. And yes, if Wout decides to conjure a ‘special one’ out of his legs again, Sarah will be there to make a beautiful memento for his fans. This sometimes results in 'Limited Editions' which we sell through a presale. These are really a must have from our collection.

We wish you a lot of fun on our webshop!

Love Wout and Sarah